A powerful and innovative approach to strengthening marriage relationships from a Christian perspective.


​​Robert and Stella genuinely care about strengthening Christian marriages! Once again, this retreat has proven to be a blessing in our lives as husband and wife. With the theme, You Can Still Have Joy, we learned that it is our responsibility and our duty to fully implement what God has created. Keeping the joy in our marriage is a task that we have to strive for every minute of every day. Robert and Stella so clearly outlined that our marriage is God's design and our goal as Christians is to do all that we can to show God our thanks. We have been able to use tools immediately that compel the two of us to more fully appreciate our spouse. The lessons we learned brought us back to the early days of our marriage and has us enthusiastically looking forward to our future together. And we look forward to learning more!
Steven and LaQuisha

Reflecting on their attendance at a second retreat experience

My wife to be and I thought we really knew each other inside out until we took the Dynamic Marriages class at the West End Church of Christ. The class caused us look at ourselves honestly in the mirror and deal with the real-life issues that cause most marriages to fail within the first two years.

Within the class we dealt with conflict and the root of what causes conflict. We also learned that conflict is a good thing (much to our surprise) as in comparison to withdrawal. Aside from learning each other and how to have a productive and thriving marriage, we also had the opportunity to meet other couples and share our experiences with them. This enabled us to know that we are not the only ones that go through problems in marriages, but that it actually is a common thread that we share.

We have gone on to graduate from the class and have taken it a second time already as a refresher. We are truly committed to the concepts taught in the class and share our testimony that it truly changed our life for the better.

Randy and Kesha

Dear Robert and Stella,

 I hope this note finds you both well and happy. We so enjoyed spending time with you! You are a real inspiration to us. We hope to impact as many lives as you have through your wonderful ministry.

Enclosed is a gift, something our singing group at church put together. I hope you enjoy it. Our class will run June and July. We have eight couples already. Pray for us, we will need it. If you are this way, you are welcome. Next time we are in Atlanta, will see you.

Tim and Lei Ann
Marriage course facilitators trained by Robert and Stella Wilson

​The marriage retreat, every year, has allowed us to reflect on the year before to see how we have grown and what areas we need to work on more.  Thank you, Robert and Stella, for putting together such a wonderful ministry, and putting joy into our marriage, we felt like we were 15 again!  Thank you!

Marion and Tina

Photos from Previous Marriage Retreats

My husband and I really enjoyed the retreat! We are newlyweds and it really gave us a great foundation for how to maintain joy in our marriage. Additionally, as a psychologist, I really enjoyed the opportunity to have the focus be on my life and how to intervene on minor issues now so we can prevent having our marriage severely damaged by relatively insignificant situations in the future. We also had a great time getting to know other Christian couples. The fellowship we had with other Christian couples will also be a great foundation for us. Thanks so much for this wonderful experience!

Derrick and Natasha

Robert Wilson, III and Stella Wilson - Facilitators